Which Gardening Tool to Choose? advice and Comparison

Which Gardening Tool to Choose? advice and Comparison

Many people dream of having their own house and especially their own garden. When this happens we are faced with elements often unknown. You are not born a gardener, you become one through practice. We are also often faced with difficult situations to manage, especially if we do not have the right tools.

It’s a bit like DIY if you don’t have the basics of the tools you don’t need to get started you will encounter difficulties and you will dislike this activity. Gardening is the same without the right tools, you can quickly become discouraged and regret having such a large garden. For this we decided to write an article on the basics to have at home to start gardening without constraint.

What tools to start gardening?

When choosing your tools, you have to differentiate between heavy maintenance work and small interventions on flowers, the garden and the lawn. The initial investment is not necessarily high for us to choose the appropriate tools.

Tools for the garden and vegetable patch

Spades and shovels

Gardening Tool Shovel

Turning over the earth is essential if you want to make a vegetable garden to plant vegetables. It is therefore necessary to use a spade for this action, but you will also need a rake to level your garden. Regarding the spade, prefer a model for hard ground which will penetrate your ground more easily and with less effort. There is nothing more tiring than a tool that doesn’t do the job, so don’t try to save a few dollars on the spade it should be able to penetrate and turn your land easily. We recommend the Spear and Jackson spade which is particularly effective with its ergonomic handle and specific size for hard ground.

The rake for finishing

The rake is a tool that will be used in the vegetable garden as well as in the lawn or the flower bed. It is important to note that entry-level models will have a weak handle and especially the metal part which will oxidize quickly. Finally you have the choice of two types of teeth for the rake, straight or curved. We recommend more the rake with curved teeth for better efficiency, for example for collecting dead leaves in the fall. A favorite brand is the Leborgne forged 14 tooth rake.

The Garden Hoe

The Garden Hoe

Setting up a vegetable garden is an everyday operation and the main difficulty you will encounter is keeping the vegetable garden in an irreproachable state, that is to say without it being invaded by weeds. The solution is to pull them out by hand and you will quickly understand that the earth is low. Or use a tool called a hoe. The hoe has a sharp side and a rake type side to collect and aerate the soil.

The spade fork

spade fork

It is a lesser-known tool but that we consider essential in the garden shed for this winter. The 4-tine spade fork allows you to turn and loosen the soil on hard, stony soils. It is also useful for aeration of the lawn and the collection of stones and weeds. It is also a particularly effective tool for turning over the soil without damaging the content, for example your potato plantation.

Plant and Shrub Maintenance Tools

The garden is not only growing vegetables, it is also maintaining its flowers, fruit trees and also the borders of the passage on the terrace. In short, we will also have to think about the cutting, cutting and scraping tools, which we will see now.

Garden Tree and Plant Pruner

Plant Pruner

It will allow the maintenance of roses for example by allowing a straightforward and effortless pruning. The secateurs are a tool that will multiply the cutting force and thus limit the effort on small branches. It is used for example for fruit trees by facilitating the pruning of branches. It should be noted that this tool also exists in an electric model with greater cutting power. For family use, it is preferable to have a manual tool that already offers all the comfort of use. The Fiskars brand offers a powerful and above all durable tool with quality stainless steel. Note that the difference between the pruning shears will be played on the alloy and the screws which will tend to oxidize over time.

if you have big trees in the garden you may need chainsaw for cutting here is a complete guide about chainsaw.

The Electric Branch Cutter

Electric Branch Cutter

We cannot miss this tool which is essential if you have trees on your land. to avoid being invaded and especially to keep an aesthetic aspect in your garden, the branch cutter is one of the tools to have in your garden shed. There are manual models with telescopic handle, we have chosen to present the electric version very trendy at the moment.

Which tool for the lawn?

If the maintenance of the lawn involves the mower, whether thermal or electric, do not neglect the ancillary accessories which will allow you to have a clean ground without residue of cut grass.

Lawn broom

lawn broom picture

It is the mower’s complement tool, it will make it possible to easily pick up the last pieces of grass that mechanization has not succeeded in recovering in the bin. This broom has a flexible blade that allows you to move blades of grass in a natural way. The Yocada brand offers a lawn broom that adapts to your needs. Thus the distance between the plastic tines can be easily adjusted and therefore the working width can be adapted for fine or coarse sweeping from 35 to 52 cm.

The Garden Wheelbarrow

Garden Wheelbarrow picture

A storage tool that will make your life easier in maintaining your land. Whether it is leaves, branches or the lawn, you will quickly come to heavy weight and often very heavy to move. it is therefore essential to have a tool to move the materials. The garden wheelbarrow is a two-wheeled wheelbarrow that will not tip over if overloaded. With a capacity of 100 liters you can work without having to empty the container every 5 minutes.

Garden Gloves

Your hands are precious, it is even the first tool in gardening! Also, protect them! Between the earth, the thorns, the products … Gardening tends to hurt your hands. To protect your skin, choose gloves suitable for gardening.

A custom fork

The garden fork is intended for heavy, clayey soils and stony soils. Its four teeth are square, for very stony soils, triangular or flat, for clayey soils, or spatulate, slightly curved forward, for soils with a sandy tendency. To meet the needs of the gardener, the shoulder, the top of the fork, should be 8-10 mm thick. The fitting is with socket, ferrules or with a tang, a fifth tooth which is inserted into the handle to ensure greater strength to the handle-tool connection.

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