What are the best robot vacuums? January 2021

A domestic robot takes care of the vacuuming of your home in your absence. It saves you a considerable amount of time and relieves you of the household chores incumbent on you.

You just have to program it and leave with peace of mind. Upon returning, you will find a clean interior. Discover the robot vacuum cleaners that we have selected for you. We provide you with a wide choice of robot vacuum cleaners that meet all budgets and all needs.

What are the best robot vacuums? January 2021

Whether you have a small apartment or a large house, a lot of furniture or not, a small budget or not, we invite you to discover the best robot vacuum cleaners of the moment, accessible to any type of purse.

The devices are tested in our laboratory, then in a domestic situation, in several configurations (open or closed doors, electric cables lying around, chairs moved). We assess their ease of use, the quality of their materials but above all their navigation: are the movement patterns logical, do robots really go everywhere? For connected robots, we take a look at the functions: is the robot programmable?

Are the maps precise? Can we create virtual beacons? We also quantify (with rice) their suction efficiency on various surfaces: hard floors, rugs, and fine rugs, and finally thick carpet with long pile. We continue with their ability to manage obstacles to know if they often get stuck when they encounter everyday objects. Finally, we measure their noise level and their autonomy.

The Comparison of robot vacuum cleaners brings together all the references tested recently, the comparison from which our selection is taken.

AMIBOT Pure Laser H2O

The AMIBOT Animal XL H2O Connect is ideal for owners of large or long-haired pets. Compatible with the AMIBOT HOME mobile application, available on Android and iOS, it can be managed remotely for a 100% restful household.

Equipped with a gyroscope, it establishes a cleaning route to cover the entire surface. Its large 750ml dust container collects a large amount of debris and its suction nozzle allows strong suction without first tangling. The 300ml water tank allows water flow control to intelligently clean your floors.

  • Connected iOS and Android mobile APP
  • Large 750ml dust container
  • 300ml H2O tank with controlled flow
  • Integrated gyroscope & Surfaces up to 200m²


Equipped with AIVI ™ artificial intelligence capable of recognizing objects and avoiding them according to their nature, the ECOVACS Deboot Ozmo T8 AIVI robot provides a revolutionary cleaning result. Equipped with the powerful TrueMapping mapping, the device scans all the rooms of a house on several floors and establishes relevant trajectories. The Ozmo ™ Pro function is able to clean impeccably thanks to a maintenance of the pressure on the ground using its vibrating plate. It is also equipped with an on-board camera to view your home from a distance.

  • Improved AIVI ™ artificial intelligence
  • Innovative OZMO ™ Pro cleaning system
  • Optimized TrueMapping
  • On-board camera and live video

AMIBOT Spirit Ice Laser

The AMIBOT Spirit Ice Laser is a vacuum and scrubber robot. Equipped with a laser, it maps your interior in detail using “Smart Scan” technology to establish a plan of each room visited, in order to clean every nook and cranny. Its discreet and modern design allows it to adapt to all types of interior. Thanks to the AMIBOT mobile application (available for free on Google Play and Apple Store), access the different modes of travel and cleaning. The programming offers the possibility of adjusting the rhythm as well as the cleaning zone of your robot.

  • Laser mapping and navigation
  • AMIBOT APP compatible iOS and Android
  • Modern and clean design
  • 2-in-1 tank: vacuums and washes at the same time


NEATO Robotics Botvac D402 Connected (D4)

The connected Neato Botvac D402 robot vacuum is equipped with many features such as mapping, laserSmart navigation and virtual boundary lines. At the forefront of intelligence, program the cleaning of your home remotely thanks to its application.

  • Cleaning history
  • Eco / Turbo cleaning mode
  • Smart charging
  • LaserSmart mapping and navigation

ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo T8 +

The ECOVACS Ozmo T8 + vacuum and mop robot is supplied with its self-emptying station which collects and empties the robot vacuum bag for 30 days. With great suction power, the T8 + is equipped with TrueDetect 3D technology, useful for carefully avoiding obstacles. With its Ozmo ™ Pro function, the appliance washes floors with great efficiency. TrueMapping laser mapping is useful for him to create a map of his environment, in order to clean up every nook and cranny.

  • Self-emptying station
  • Obstacle detection: TrueDetect 3D
  • Optimized mapping: TrueMapping
  • Pressure cleaning system: OZMO ™ Pro

AMIBOT Spirit Motion

The AMIBOT Spirit Motion connected robot vacuum and mop has a navigation camera and an intelligent gyroscopic system. Its movements are precise and squared so as to cover the entire area to be cleaned, up to 200m². It benefits from two major innovations that intensify its efficiency: a vibrating water tank for washing similar to hand rubbing and a cyclonic dust tank for continuous high-performance suction. Compatible with the AMIBOT HOME mobile app on iOS and Android, you can clean your home anytime, anywhere.

  • Vibrating H2O water tank
  • Cyclonic dust container
  • AMIBOT HOME APP on iOS and Android
  • Cartography and camera navigation

AMIBOT Pure Laser H2O

Vacuum, clean and sterilize your floors with the AMIBOT Pure Laser robot. “UVC-Clean” technology kills microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds. The laser module, coupled with Smart Scan technology, makes it possible to analyze and establish a detailed plan of the parts. The robot thus performs intelligent trajectories and cleans in depth, down to the smallest recesses. Thanks to the AMIBOT HOME mobile application (available for free on Google Play and Apple Store), you can control the Pure Laser with ease. Its 600ml dust container and H2O water tank allow it to cover surfaces up to 250m².

  • UVC-Clean technology: 4 UV-C lamps
  • AMIBOT HOME application
  • Laser mapping: smart travel
  • Ultra-powerful suction: 3000Pa

AMIBOT Signature Edition Jungle

With a cover made by a French artist, the AMIBOT Signature Jungle Edition offers colorful and original patterns. It can be controlled from a smartphone using the AMIBOT HOME application, available on Android and iOS. This robot is equipped with a central rubber brush, two side brushes, a 400 ml dust container and a 300 ml water container. It is also equipped with triple anti-allergenic HEPA filtration, ideal for people with asthma or allergies to dust mites.

  • Special Jungle Edition
  • Connected APP AMIBOT HOME (iOS & Android)
  • Hood made by a French artist
  • Aspiration or Washing mode “H2O”


AMIBOT Animal Motion

The AMIBOT Animal Motion is a robot vacuum cleaner and floor mop with innovative technologies designed to get rid of the hairs of our little companions. As its name suggests, the device performs in the movements it performs: a brush adapted to animal hair that prevents them from tangling around, a powerful continuous suction thanks to the dust container with 6 cyclones , back and forth movements of the vibrating water tank reproducing cleaning hard floors by hand and intelligent movements thanks to laser navigation. Once connected, the AMIBOT HOME application also allows you to check where your robot has been!

  • Special pets
  • Powerful cyclonic suction (2000Pa)
  • Vibrating H2O water tank
  • Laser Navigation + AMIBOT HOME App

AMIBOT Animal Premium H2O

AMIBOT Animal Premium H2O is a vacuum and scrubber robot specially designed to get rid of pet hair, on surfaces of 140 to 200m². Equipped with a large 600ml dust container, a central rubber Animal brush that quickly collects refractory hairs, and a 300ml H2O tank, it sucks or washes your floors in depth. In addition, its “Control Clean” technology allows you to control the flow rate of water from the H2O tank to better adapt the washing of your hard floors. The Animal Premium H2O also benefits from variable daily programming to define different time slots during the week, according to your needs!

  • Special pets
  • Integrated gyroscope & Surfaces up to 200m²
  • “Control Clean”: H2O tank flow rate adjustment
  • Variable daily programming


The AMIBOT Spirit is a robot vacuum cleaner that stands out both for its design and its technical characteristics. The “Pure Power” suction allows efficient and powerful cleaning and the “SenSitive” technology offers fast and delicate movements. The device is suitable for areas up to 200m².

  • High flow “Pure Power” suction
  • 450ml dust container
  • Fast and delicate
  • Tempered glass finishes


The DOMOOVA DRV50 robot vacuum is quickly transformed into a robot mop thanks to its ingenious and unique “Double Clean” system. The “Easy Animal” and “Direct Power” technologies offer the DRV50 robot a direct and powerful suction of any clump of dust, hair and animal hair. A robot with very rich functions that will adapt to your interior thanks to its compact shape and its rapid “Easy Move” movements.

  • Powerful “Direct Power” suction nozzle
  • “Double Clean” technology: vacuums and cleans
  • “Easy Animal”: suitable for animal hair
  • Compact “Easy move” design


AMIBOT Spirit H2O is a robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner which is distinguished both by its very elegant finishes in Lagoon blue tempered glass, as by its innovative technical characteristics: “Pure Power” suction, “SenSitive” technology to take charge of surfaces up to 200m2. Its “H2O” Technology allows it to take care of hard floors up to 140m2 thanks to its H2O tank which continuously supplies a thick and machine washable absorbent wipe.

  • High flow “Pure Power” suction
  • 450ml dust container
  • 300ml water tank
  • Fast and delicate


AMIBOT Animal H2O is a robot vacuum cleaner specially designed to get rid of pet hair! Equipped with an Animal brush, triple HEPA anti-allergenic filtration, a 400ml dust container and H2O washing mode, it is the ideal ally to keep your floors clean every day. Its programming makes it autonomous all week long and its “Efficient Navigation” Technology ensures you go into every nook and cranny of your home of up to 200m².

  • Special pets
  • “Efficient Navigation” technology: Itinerary adapted on 200m²
  • “Pure Power” and “SenSitive” technology
  • Aspiration or Washing mode “H2O”


The DOMOOVA DRV80 Animal is a robot vacuum cleaner, specially designed to do away with pet hair. Effective on surfaces up to 200m², the DRV80 Animal is ideal for keeping your home clean and healthy every day, effortlessly. It is equipped with a special animal hair rubber brush, “Double Clean” technology with a 400ml dust container, a 300ml water tank, as well as anti-allergenic HEPA filtration. For even easier and more pleasant cleaning, the robot has a unique daily programming.

  • Special pet hair
  • Surface up to 200m²
  • “Double Clean” technology
  • Unique daily programming

AMIBOT Animal Comfort H2O

AMIBOT Animal Comfort H2O is an over-equipped robot vacuum cleaner specially designed to get rid of pet hair! Supplied with 6 concentrated detergents (3 scents) for cleaning your floors, it is also equipped with an Animal brush, anti-allergenic HEPA filters, a 400ml dust container and H2O washing mode. Animal Comfort H2O is the ideal ally for keeping your floors clean every day. Supplied with 2 Animal brushes, 6 HEPA filters, 8 side brushes and 4 additional microfiber mops.

  • Special pets
  • Animal Comfort accessory pack included
  • “Efficient Navigation” technology: adapted itinerary over 200m²
  • 2 cleaning modes to choose from: vacuuming or washing

AMIBOT Pure H2O Connect

Control and program your AMIBOT Pure H2O Connect robot vacuum cleaner, thanks to the AMIBOT mobile application. Connected version of the AMIBOT Pure H2O, it is equipped with a UV lamp and a double HEPA filtration, to sanitize hard floors up to 150m². H2O technology can vacuum and clean up to 70m², in a single pass. Its ease of use, its touch screen and its connectivity make the Pure H2O Connect an efficient, complete and efficient robot.

  • APP compatible iOS and Android
  • Double HEPA filtration + UV lamp
  • High-flow “Pure Power” suction
  • H2O technology: water tank

AMIBOT Flex H2O Connect

The AMIBOT Flex H2O Connect vacuum and mop robot is the connected version of the AMIBOT Flex H2O. Thanks to the AMIBOT mobile application, you can control and program your robot from your phone. Flexible and robust, it performs well on all types of soil. The complementarity of the central brush and the suction nozzle offers the possibility of adapting the household according to the floors (hard floors, rugs or carpets). H2O technology can vacuum and clean hard floors efficiently, in just one pass.

  • APP compatible iOS and Android
  • Removable central brush and suction nozzle
  • High start suction “Pure Power”
  • H2O technology: water tank

Roborock S6 White

The Roborock S6 White vacuums and washes floors. Its dual functionality offers a perfect result. Connected, it also has an intelligent navigation system that optimizes its trajectories. The laser makes it possible to map the movements of your visible device through the Mi Home application.

  • Programmable cleaning cycle
  • Ultra precise laser navigation
  • Voice command control
  • Virtual wall

AMIBOT Spirit Laser H2O

AMIBOT Spirit Laser H2O is a connected robot vacuum cleaner and mop. Equipped with a laser, it analyzes and maps your home precisely: its Smart Scan technology allows it to establish a detailed plan of the rooms it travels through to clean every nook and cranny. Thanks to the AMIBOT mobile application (available for free on Google Play and Apple Store), control your robot with ease. Access the different modes of movement, determine the cleaning rhythm via the daily programming option and define the particular areas to clean or those to avoid! The Spirit Laser H2O is equipped with a dust container and covers an area of ​​up to 200m². It is completed with a 2-in-1 H2O tank which allows it to refine the cleaning and

  • Smart Scan Technology: Laser Mapping and Navigation
  • APP compatible iOS and Android
  • Smart Zone technology: Virtual barriers and Defined zones
  • 2-in-1 tank: vacuums and washes at the same time

Hobot LEGEE 688

HOBOT LEGEE 688 is a connected robot with laser movements. On hard floors, it combines suction and washing in a single pass using its two separate tanks. Composed of 2 microfiber mops, one of which is rubbing, it takes over 150m² of surface area with reflected movements in just 1h10. The HOBOT LEGEE 688 vacuum and mop robot revolutionizes domestic robotics.

  • Remote programmable: 7 modes
  • Optimized laser navigation: 3 lasers
  • Washes vigorously: 600 movements/min
  • Exclusive navigation patent

Roborock S6 Black

The Roborock S6 Black vacuums and washes the floors in your home. Multitasking, it makes your floors shine. Quiet and with an autonomy of 3 hours, its cleaning cycles are efficient. Connected and equipped with a laser, it adapts its movements and maps the rooms of your home to be even more efficient.

  • Card storage on multiple floors
  • Ultra precise laser navigation + virtual wall
  • Voice command control
  • Connectivity by Mi home app

ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 950

The DEEBOT OZMO 950 robot vacuum cleaner from ECOVACS combines intelligence, performance and power, on all types of floors. Equipped with Smart Navi ™ 3.0 mapping and navigation technology, the robot analyzes your home and draws up a detailed and precise plan. Choose when and how to clean the rooms you want, even on multiple floors. It has three suction levels, allowing the robot to adapt according to cleaning needs. It provides up to 150% more suction power than in standard mode, to remove even the most stubborn dirt. Equipped with an OZMO water tank, it sucks and washes in a single pass. The humidity level can be adapted to the type of floor covering. Autonomous, the

  • Autonomy greater than 3 hours
  • Compatibility of Google and Amazon assistants
  • Smart Navi ™ ️ 3.0 mapping technology
  • 3 suction powers


The AMIBOT Swift robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with “Pure Power” suction, which makes it very effective on hard floors thanks to its suction nozzle. The “Activ” technology associated with its “MINI” design offers it rapid and precise movements between and under all of your furniture. The Swift is suitable for small spaces of around 60m², consisting of one to two rooms maximum.

  • Powerful suction
  • Fast and precise movements
  • “MINI” design
  • Easy to use and maintain



The DRV20 is the ultra-thin and square robot vacuum cleaner from the DOMOOVA brand. It sneaks around and sucks efficiently on hard floors. It is ideal for small spaces (studio, two rooms, student room, …) or rooms with little space. Its format allows it to reach every nook and cranny and efficiently suck up debris, dust and hair. Design and low noise, it is also programmable.

  • Compact and ultra-thin design: 5.5cm thick
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Effective on hard floors
  • Autonomous, programmable and remote-controlled

AMIBOT Prime 2

The AMIBOT Prime 2 is a robot vacuum cleaner that facilitates daily cleaning. Thanks to its “Pure Power” technology, it has powerful suction so that no hair, hair, dirt or other debris escapes it. The central brush, made of rubber slats and fiber bristles, allows the robot to perform as well on hard floors as rugs and carpets. Suitable for people with allergy or asthma, the Prime 2 has double HEPA filtration, which retains the smallest particles. Your home is now healthy and clean on a daily basis.

  • Effective on all types of floors
  • Double HEPA filtration
  • “Pure Power” technology
  • 5 travel modes

Robot Vacume Cleaner Under $200

  • Roborock S6 MaxV
  • Grand-Pro A1
  • Ashey


Robot Vacume Cleaner Under $500

  • iRobot Roomba i3+ (3550)
  • Sharq IQ Robot
  • Roborock robot

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