iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot (Review)

If you don’t have a smartphone or a Windows Phone, go your way, as the Roomba 980 is designed to work with – you’d be missing out on some features. Finally very intelligent, autonomous in a home environment, the Roomba 980 offers excellent surface coverage and near-perfect suction efficiency.

No matter how hard we look, there is not much to reproach it with except its price which is to be put off. iRobot hadn’t lied to us: with this new Roomba, the manufacturer has really taken a step forward.

The hardest part will be to do better in the next version. “Mr. iRobot“, maybe we can think of as good and cheaper?

iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot (Review)

An excellent vacuum robot that can do 80% of the job.
For a two-story house, I combine it with a broom vacuum cleaner (dirt devil cavalier).
Roomba takes care of the day-to-day and the broom finishes the inaccessible 20% once a week (behind bedside tables, cupboards, etc.).
The base price is on the other hand a bit steep, a piece of advice: be patient and watch out for promotions that bring it back to the same price zones as these competitors (neato, vorwerk)


Honestly, I think there are other priorities to lower your consumption but it seems reasonable.
A good point: the autonomy is good and allows me to cover my 2 floors in 1 battery charge without returning to the base (45m2 and 70m2)

Convenience of employment

Very easy to use, it is not mandatory to have a WiFi connection to use it (clean button to start the robot), although this is a shame and deprives the interesting features of the iRobot app, well done


Pleasantly surprised after 2 months of use.
Not at the level of a vacuum cleaner but it is very good for everyday life and allows it to capture small pieces of food for example.
Special mention on carpets where the BOOST is effective, as well as on very dirty areas (you said under children’s chairs ?!) where it insists and sometimes makes several passes.


There are less noisy but for less efficient.
You have to know what you want.
I think the compromise found is very good since it is possible to “live” and speak in the same room where he works, except when the boost is activated because it is a bit noisy (but damn effective).

Navigation system

Excellent and precise navigation.
Roomba fits well near baseboards.
The result is almost flawless, except when the light is too low (very dark or total black) where it works more poorly and manages to no longer cover the areas correctly and to get into error.

Even if this has improved with the recent update of the application, it is an important criterion for who wants to make it work in its absence of closed shutters and total black.
Note its speed is quite good: 40mins to cover 45m2 of my floor filled with obstacles (beds, chairs, rugs, bathroom furniture feet) and 50mins for the lower 70m2 simpler (remember to quickly arrange the chairs before the passage to facilitate maneuvers).

Obstacle management

All-terrain robot
Carpets, bar stool feet, threshold bars, Tancarville feet. Nothing can resist him and he always manages to get by, especially since the update of the application.

Additional modes and functions

Application is well done, especially since the recent update which gives the cartography of the areas covered.
Care tips and videos welcome.


  • efficiency
  • easy maintenance
  • all-terrain (including bar chairs)
  • noise in normal mode

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