How to choose your swimming pool pump

Indispensable to the construction of a swimming pool, the swimming pool pump allows – together with the filtration system, to keep the water of your swimming pool both clean and of good quality. But you still have to choose a pump adapted to your structure. Here are the essentials to know when choosing the best pump for your pool.

swimming pool pump

What is a swimming pool pump used for?

Integrated into the filtration system, a swimming pool pump is an accessory that allows the water to be drawn from the pool. First, the water goes through the skimmers and the main drain. Then, it enters the filtration system before finally arriving in the pool through the discharge nozzles. It is an essential element to maintain the quality and the cleanliness of the water of your swimming pool. The pool pump is also used to activate the vacuum cleaner and facilitates the emptying of your pool. The pool filter prevents you from having algae in your pool.

The characteristics of a swimming pool pump 

A swimming pool pump is generally equipped with three elements: a turbine, a pre-filter, and a motor. It practically integrates the hydraulic circuit of your swimming pool and allows the water to be treated efficiently. Making the right choice for a swimming pool pump guarantees the absence of impuritiesbacteria, and other organic waste in your swimming pool. This essential equipment is chosen mainly according to several criteria. A suitable swimming pool pump guarantees the quality of the water in your swimming pool.

The criteria for choosing a swimming pool pump

Filtration rate

The filtration rate of a swimming pool pump is measured per hour. To find out what flow rate is suitable for your pool, you must define the volume of your pool and calculate from the following formula:

Filtration flow rate = volume of water in the pool (in cubic meters) / 4 hours

In any case, consider choosing a pool pump with a higher filtration rate if you plan to install it at a far distance from your pool. This choice is also more favorable for a swimming pool pump placed above the level of the skimmers or in the case of somewhat complex piping.

The type of filter

A swimming pool pump imposes a certain rhythm that the type of filter in your swimming pool must withstand. You should choose a filter whose filtration capacity is equal to or slightly greater than the flow rate of your pump. You have the option of taking the sand filter for your swimming pool pump.

Power consumption

The ideal is to find a pool pump that uses less energy. Your pump may indeed run intensively at certain times (summer holidays, tourist seasons, etc.) Having a pump that operates up to 12 hours a day can considerably increase your monthly bill.

Sound level

The best pump you can choose for your pool is a quiet model. To do this, simply check the decibel level of your swimming pool pump upon purchase. Choosing to use a low noise pool pump allows you to increase the comfort of using your pool. This is especially ideal if your pool is near your room or a beach.

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