Chainsaw: How to Choose it?

A chainsaw is a logging tool used primarily for cutting wood. There are different models, each with a specific use. Each chainsaw has specific characteristics, to name only power, bar length, and displacement.

Buy a chainsaw model according to its use

Before buying a chainsaw, it is better to define your needs in advance. Evaluate beforehand the frequency of use of your future work tool. Because if you will only use it once a year to chop wood or if you decide to use it to fell trees for days on end, your choice of device will be different. Here are some tips for knowing which chainsaw is right for you.

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To Prune and Carry out Minor Tree Maintenance Work

Since you only use your chainsaw to maintain the trees in the garden a few times a year, it is better to opt for a pole pruner. Also called electric pole pruner, this chainsaw model is ideal for occasional jobs. Handy and light, this battery-powered model provides quick and clean results. No need for a ladder to prune the branches of your trees. You can operate perfectly from the ground. Just remember that your tool requires regular maintenance for satisfactory longevity of use. What is required is to check the tension and lubricate the chain.

To Periodically Prune and Maintain Trees

A thermal pruner is an essential tool for frequent use on several trees and branches at the same time. This model is distinguished by its displacement of 20 to 35 cm³ and its power between 800 and 1500 W. It is equipped with a guide ranging from 20 to 35 cm which promotes better grip. Note that the telescopic pole is a better alternative in terms of practicality and maneuverability.

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For Very Frequent and Intensive Pruning

The recommended model for this kind of job is pruning chainsaw. It has a 35 cm guide and its power reaches 2000 W thanks to its 25 to 40 cm³ heat engine. When you invest in this kind of tool, always favor the light and space-saving model. It is still important to warn you that the pruner is a device dedicated to professionals. A simple handling error or a chain skipping can lead to a serious accident.

For Cutting, Maintenance and Occasional Small Felling Jobs

These menial jobs do not require a heavy-duty chainsaw. You can completely be satisfied with an electric chainsaw of less than 2000 W. However, it is always preferable to choose a multipurpose guide that is to say between 35 and 45 cm at most. Be careful because this model is not made to tackle large trees.

For Regular Logging Work

Electric chainsaw models do not last long if used regularly. The engine can fail at any time, which is why it makes sense to choose a petrol chainsaw. The engine of the chosen device must be relatively powerful. To use it safely, you still need some caution and experience.

To Cut Wood and Carry out Intensive Felling

Obviously, electric models have no place here. Only petrol chainsaws are suitable for intensive work. Just be sure to adapt the guide to the type of slaughter to be carried out. For a large trunk, for example, you need a guide greater than 55 cm. Regarding the engine, you will need a high-performance tool with a minimum of 40 cm³.

How Exactly Does a Chainsaw Work?

The principle of operation is the same for all chainsaws. The motor, whether thermal or electric, drives a toothed chain located around a support which is the chain guide. The power of the chainsaw depends on the length of the latter. If the teeth are biting well, it means that the cut offered by the device is precise.

The recently released chainsaw models are pre-fitted with a safety system, although it is always advisable to be vigilant when using this type of tool.

Types of Existing Chainsaws

There is no such thing as a “go-anywhere” chainsaw. A type corresponds to precise use.

  1. The pruning pole is used to cut branches located in height;
  2. The pruning chainsaw facilitates limbing;
  3. The standard chainsaw allows cutting and is used in common logging jobs;
  4. The felling chainsaw is dedicated to intensive activities.

The key Technical Characteristics of a Chainsaw

If you are new to the trade or the field, it is crucial that you know at least these few technical characteristics of a chainsaw:

The chain brake: a safety device used to spontaneously stop the chain in the event of a kickback.
The anti-rebound system: assembly formed by the hooks and the gouge working in synergy to attenuate the shock at the moment of the user of the device.
Manual starting: a feature of petrol chainsaws, it allows you to start the engine.
The 2-stroke engine: the engine that runs on gasoline mixed with oil.
Engine displacement: a device used to evaluate the performance of the chainsaw.
The chain: device comprising 3 types of links, namely the driving link, the gouge and the connecting link.
The chain guide: device used to keep the chain in place and to define the cutting length of the device.
Note that the length of the chain guide and the power of the chainsaw are more than enough to know the potential of the device.

How to Maintain a Chainsaw?

To keep your chainsaw running smoothly and maintaining considerable longevity of use, consider servicing it regularly. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check the chain tension before each handling;
  • Monitor the oil level and lubricate the chain if necessary;
  • Check the chain tension from time to time in the event of long-term use;
  • Thoroughly lubricate the idler pinion at the top of the guide;
  • Make sure the chain guide is free from burrs or snags.

Maintenance is more rigorous for a petrol chainsaw. Indeed, apart from the checks to be made mentioned above, you must also review the engine oil level as well as the condition of the spark plug and the air and fuel filter. An engine oil change is recommended at the start of the season. And for specific maintenance, refer to the instructions for each model purchased.

The Measures to be Taken in Terms of Safety in the use of a Chainsaw

As in all woodworking, protective equipment is essential when using a chainsaw. As it is a noisy device, it is better to protect yourself from noise pollution with a noise-canceling headset. You could very well bring earplugs instead. Remember to put on gloves and safety shoes and wear a visor for extra safety. If possible, put on cut-resistant clothing over your coveralls and consider protecting your head with a helmet.

To buy the chainsaw that meets your needs in terms of power and performance, you must refer to its specific characteristics. Regardless of brand and price, your choice should be based on the potential of the device.

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