Best Laptop Stand – Reviews & Buying Guide

Be aware that there are many choices of Laptop Stands available in the market. Whether we are referring only to the Griffin Elevator or the Lavolta laptop stand, the choice is vast. How then to deal with this situation?

You will be invited to read our buying guide at the bottom of this presentation. It’s up to you, then, to choose the one that best meets your needs and your purchasing power.

How to choose the best laptop stand?

Welcome to our buying guide for the best laptop stands, and learn how to choose the best laptop stands. Admittedly, it is not easy to make a choice with this type of device given that there are many, nevertheless without rushing to price comparison, take a look at the question with our help.

For a good laptop stand, it’s top-notch to talk about its size, the materials used in the construction and the tilt capability of the stand.


Before making a comparison, the first thing to do is to find out about the size of your computer since the purchase will be based on this. Indeed, the best laptop support will be the one that conforms to the size of your machine, or to a larger size in the event that you change computers.

There are several sizes for laptop stands on the market, starting with a 12-inch size up to 19-inch size. Which laptop stands to choose?

You just need to take the one that will be suitable for your computer in terms of size before any other criteria. Also, remember to take the right size for your desk to prevent the support from not being in harmony with the general layout of your usual workspace.

Manufacturing materials

The choice of the manufacturing material comes after the size of the support since it also conditions the service life of the latter, but also the ease of use.

Our advice will direct you to support made from aluminum which is ideal for better resistance and good cooling of the machine. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a laptop stand that is made with other materials, you should never forget to check its weight for transport.

Then go for the best laptop stand in the right size and in the lightest, but strongest material. However, the better the material of manufacture, the more expensive the support will be; and do not think about buying a cheap product first, to avoid disappointment with the purchase.

Possibility of tilting

Where to buy the best laptop stand? You’ll have plenty of time for that afterward, but for now, our next tips for finding the perfect mount are for adjustments that can be made with the mount. Indeed, taking into account this possibility of tilting is essential when using your support.

Make sure that the height and the different inclinations are adjustable. As a result, you will prevent your back from getting tired as well as your eyes when you are sitting in front of your computer. Likewise, check if it can be tilted. On the ergonomic side, it is imperative to check if the tilt system allows you to be completely comfortable and that it is easily adjustable.

So you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect position for you. How to buy a better value laptop stand? This will depend on your expectations, but also on the size of the support, the material of manufacture and the adjustments and settings it incorporates.

Our review of the best laptop stands

You are looking for a practical and aesthetic solution to elevate your PC, whether in the office or at home. To find out which is the best laptop stand on the market, we invite you to browse our article to choose the product that best suits your needs.

Lavolta laptop stand

Want to end the back pain that results from your poor posture when working on your laptop? The Lavolta computer stand meets your needs. Indeed, thanks to its adjustable height and angle of support, it contributes to having a good working posture, by avoiding a hunched position which damages the spine and tires the neck.

With its dimensions of 42 x 27 cm, this stand can accommodate a laptop from 7 to 16 inches, plus an additional section has even been designed for the mouse.

AmazonBasics Black Aluminum Laptop Stand

The AmazonBasics laptop stand is a product with an elegant design and sturdy quality. With a rounded profile and designed in one piece, it displays a very minimalist look that goes very well with an office vibe. In addition, very practical thanks to its cable organizer, the support prevents the wires from getting tangled between them.

Quite heavy, the AmazonBasics laptop stand is made from quality materials. The anodized metal guarantees both product strength and temperature stabilizer, as it acts as a heat sink.

This is because metal absorbs heat to prevent your device from heating up during use. With a very attractive price, the quality/price ratio is at the rendezvous.

But as a laptop stand, this product ensures you, first and foremost, optimal comfort when using your devices, compatible with all models of MacBook and other brands of PC.

This support gives you an aesthetic and practical solution to elevate your device, thus having the screen at eye level and avoiding a hunched position which ultimately leads to back pain.

Bestand laptop stand

By always being in front of your PC, you start to feel fatigued in the neck and back. This is often due to your PC being positioned incorrectly in relation to your viewing angle.

To remedy this, the Bestand laptop support offers better comfort both in terms of visual and posture. Adjustable up to an angle of 27.50 and positioned at a height of 22 cm, this support offers optimal visual comfort.

Compact in size, the Bestand laptop stand is ideal for stationary use on a worktop. The empty space below the stand makes it very practical, because it not only allows you to store a keyboard, mouse, or external hard drive but also, allows better ventilation of your PC.

Your device will thus be protected from any risk of overheating; especially since slots are present on the support plate to maximize the ventilation of your PC. In order to keep your laptop in place, the tray stand is equipped with rubber anti-skidding. Besides, the price of the support is quite high, but this is justifiable in relation to the quality of the product.

Griffin Laptop Stand

With this Griffin laptop stand, you can say goodbye to your back pain. Adapted to different sizes, compatible with Macs and other brands of PC, this PC lifter will be your best ally every day.

Raised to a height of 14cm, you won’t have to bend over to get your screen at eye level. This support thus guarantees a better posture and better visual comfort.

In addition, you will save storage space on the desk thanks to the empty space below the support. Yes, you will have an additional slot for the keyboard, mouse, and external hard drive.

Made from brushed aluminum, the finish of the device is flawless. Good quality, this Griffin laptop stand is sturdy and resistant to bumps and scratches. In addition, the Griffin laptop stand is easily removable and it is very light due to its aluminum component, so it can go wherever you want without getting in the way.

The only downside is the fact that its height is not adjustable, but it still offers a good level of comfort.


  • Standard support
  • Convenient
  • Compact


  • Not adjustable

Ventilated adjustable AmazonBasics computer stand

If you are looking to compare which stand offers the best value for money, the AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Computer Stand is without doubt one of it. It gives you a better working condition when you are on your PC because it gives a comfortable reading angle and it is adjustable to 12-35 degree angle. Thus, it guarantees you a better position during your typing or reading sessions, and all this at a very attractive price. It can be used for office use or for daily and household use. Whether you are sitting or lying down, the support guarantees you optimal comfort.

Thanks to these metal meshes, the air circulates easily under the PC and all around, which provides better ventilation of your devices, and thus avoids any risk of overheating. The ventilated adjustable AmazonBasics computer stand has thought of everything while being equipped with a cable organizer, to prevent cables from tangling.

Very compact, the AmazonBasics computer holder is very light, it goes wherever you want, moreover, it is a standard holder that is compatible with different brands and sizes of laptops.


  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • Adjustable


  • Fan

How to use a laptop stand?

Daily computer use is increasingly inevitable today. Many people opt for mobility and therefore use laptops. Very useful accessories like laptop stands are available to help users. In these few lines, we give you advice on the use of this support.

The position

Any laptop stand, from the cheapest to the best brand of a laptop stand, stands on a solid foundation. The lower part of the support, acting as a foot, maintains its stability and must be placed on a stable and flat surface. Once the base is fixed, you can position yourself in relation to the position of the computer screen.

The orientation of the support

Types of stands like those found at distributors of the best brands of laptop stands are adjustable. The height orientation can be changed at will. This mainly affects LCD computer users, because of the positions where the image of the laptop screen is not fully visible.

This stand option serves as a display height adjustment for those with an IPS display. The changeable orientation can be risky for the second-hand stand, you have to know where to buy a new laptop stand to avoid any risk.

The location where it is used

The place where you use the stand should be known before buying one. If you often use your computer in bed, you should purchase a biped stand so that you can stretch out between both feet with your laptop within sight and hands.

Racks of these types are not the cheapest, but they are the most practical for relaxation areas. Those with a solid base are mainly made to be placed on very flat surfaces such as tables and to save space in your workplace.

Selection of our experts

If you use a laptop as your primary computer, you already know that they are not ergonomically ideal for working at a desk. This is where the laptop stand will come in handy.

This is because the mounts will raise your screen to create a more comfortable working environment by allowing you to reach the right height and the right viewing angle to avoid neck, back and eye strain. The comparison of the best laptop stands that follow will help you choose the.

Q1- How to maintain these Stands?

As the device will be under great strain and it is not often easy to clean it after each use. Dust and small debris of dirt can stain the accessory. To clean it, start by taking a brush and dry rub the dust and stains on the support.

Then dampen cotton wool with water, nail polish remover or alcohol to remove stuck-in and hard-to-dry-remove dirt. At the end of this operation, blow the ventilator with an air bomb if the support has one, otherwise, blow in the hard-to-reach areas and the joints, because dirt can block joint movements. support.

Q2- Do these Stands help with postural issues?

Laptop stands have been designed to give more comfort and a better experience in computer use. In the days when these supports did not yet exist, users had to orient their computer screen to a certain degree of tilt and adapt their postures so as to see fully and clearly the elements displayed on the screen; which gives rise to problems, especially in the back and neck.

One more reason to create the supports, therefore, to remedy this problem. These accessories allow the computer to be placed at a suitable height, that is to say that the middle of the screen is facing the eyes of the person which allows an upright posture and not bent (usually leaning forward ).

Q3- Are the stands universal?

All stands have different dimensions and structures. One media may be suitable for computers as it may not be suitable for others. It is true that if the computer can be placed on the support, it is because it suits it, but only in size in this case; the suitability of the ventilation system of the machine and the accessory must still be checked before using them together.

A computer with only vents on the sides will always work, but those with vents under the laptop will have difficulty cooling if these are blocked by the support plate, the support does not fit the device in it. case. Take these tips into account when purchasing your accessory.

Q4- What are the risks of damage to the computer with the brackets?

These supports have been manufactured according to specificities for the type of computer they will accommodate. Depending on the manufacturer, support meets the security standards of a laptop or not. Recent mounts almost all offer rubbers or flexible, soft materials to rest the computer on, to avoid direct contact with the metal of the mount which can damage the machine.

The bases of the support are accompanied by suction cups to secure it to the ground and prevent tilting causing the computer to fall. The machine is tilted forward, one or more stops are attached to the lower end of the base where the device is placed to hold it in place.

Q5- Are these types of accessories durable?

For those with fans, the maintenance of these will determine their lifespan. As for those without fans, maintaining cleanliness especially at the joints and vents will define its durability, because these are the elements allowing the use of the support apart from the fixing.

You have to know where to buy a new laptop stand for maximum durability. Owning the best brand also guarantees the product in question.

How is the laptop stand good for you?

Text-neck is the loss of curvature of the spine due to a downward and forward posture, such as when looking at a laptop for long periods of time. Permanent damage can occur if you use your computer very often.

This is because herniated cervical discs, pinched nerves and arthritis are common sources of pain. Over a long period of time, laptop computer users can actually completely lose the natural curvature of their cervical spine.

The text-neck occurs due to the force of gravity pushing the spine downward while leaning forward. If the head is upright, not all of the muscles, bones, and connective tissue have to work very hard for this to be the case.

As the body leans forward with the head facing forward and down, the amount of gravity pressing down on the neck causes the body to work extremely hard to hold it in position. Depending on the angle of the head, the force can be like placing a 60 kg weight on the neck.

Common symptoms of text-neck include some sort of sting in the shoulders or neck, nerve damage manifested by burning sensations on the arm, headache, and blurred vision. There are many exercises that one can do to strengthen the muscles of the head and neck, although the easiest way to avoid these problems is to prevent text-neck from occurring.

The best way to prevent text-neck is to take steps to ensure that the movements that cause it do not occur. When viewing a laptop for long periods of time, consider placing it at eye level using a laptop stand to keep your head upright. This simple gesture saves on the cost of chiropractic appointments and greatly reduces pain when working at a desk for long hours.

Have a good posture for fewer health concerns

Poor posture leads to misalignment of the body in the early stages of development. A study found that a staggering 30% of children showed signs of poor posture by the age of 7. What’s more, many of these children were already suffering from their poor posture.

As we grow older, the three curves of the spine in the back work to keep the resting posture and active posture strong and flexible. To do this, the core and back muscles should be exercised from an early age. Children who participate in recreational sports are much less likely to develop posture problems.

Problems arise at a young age because children spend more free time in non-physical activities. Video games and television are mentally engaging but don’t do much to promote good posture. Sitting on a comfortable sofa or chair promotes lazy muscles that do just enough to keep the spine erect.

By the time people enter the workforce, little or no exercise is needed. In fact, a survey of average adults in 2014 found that only 15% of French people meet federal guidelines for aerobic activity and muscle building. Based on these results, a large majority of French people do not have the muscle strength necessary for good posture.

There are simple, everyday sitting habits that can be implemented to improve posture. While seated, the body can be kept aligned by ensuring that the hips, shoulders and ears are all on the same plane. If you are using a laptop computer, laptop support should be put in place to keep the neck aligned with the rest of the spine.

It is also strongly recommended that you change your position often to strengthen different muscles. Equally important is making sure short breaks are taken every hour to relax tight muscles, reduce stress levels, and keep your mind fresh.

Ergonomic Benefits of a Laptop Stand

The laptop was created to be a solution for users who needed computing power on the go. Traditionally, laptops have performed significantly worse than desktops. Until recently, this meant that workers could only use laptops for the most basic needs of the workplace.

Advanced technology has created laptops that can handle complex processes and programs that require fast processors and a lot of RAM to use. Because of this advanced computing power and portability, laptops are the computer of choice for many people around the world.

This poses some ergonomic risks, as using the laptop for work without a laptop stand places the body in a hunched position which can damage the spine. Laptop computer users can experience neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and computer vision syndrome. This discomfort leads to its own problems, as productivity decreases while the mind focuses on pain.

By placing the computer at eye level using a laptop stand, the standard hunched back position is eliminated and can easily be replaced with correct ergonomic posture. Many laptop stands are designed to be adjustable for the height of the user and the size of the computer, making them suitable for all body types. Laptop stands are best complemented by external keyboards which can reduce carpal tunnel in the arms and wrists.


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