Amarey A900 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner-Review

My new Amarey A900 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner was delivered in a very compact box. The scope of delivery includes a charging station, including a power supply unit, a sponge filter, a magnetic tape, a remote control, four side brushes and a round brush, as well as an instruction manual. Everything perfect.

The operating noise is surprisingly quiet in normal mode, which is immediately noticeable and is really pleasant compared to other vacuum robots that I have already had. Even with the maximum suction power, it is not very loud. The vacuum cleaner can be started and stopped on the device itself, everything else is controlled via the remote control or app. The remote control works perfectly.

When setting up the app, the location was not found at first, which is necessary to use the app to use all functions, but after a while, everything went fine, although the location is still not found. With the app you can get along quite quickly. So everything works fine in terms of operation. Incidentally, the functions of the vacuum cleaner in the app are all described in English, the voice output from the robot itself is also English,

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Design and general

information When unpacking, the simple design with the mirror-smooth black surface immediately catches the eye. In the middle on top is the large “on button” and the camera for room scanning. The design looks simple but still classy.

The disadvantage of the mirror-smooth surface: You can see dust and fingerprints on the surface very quickly.

There are also two side brushes and the main brushes on the underside. These can also be exchanged in a few simple steps. As usual with dust robots, the bumper/impact protection is located in the front side area.

The dust container is located on underneath the dust robot. However, this can be removed from the side with one hand movement without having to lift the dust robot! The capacity is 600 ml. I find this more than sufficient.

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The construction of the vacuum cleaner is done in a few simple steps. I think the charging station is very good. It should be mentioned positively here that the underside of the charging station is lightly rubberized. So it always has a secure stand.

There are also small indentations on the back in which the charging cable can be hidden so that the remaining cable does not lie around. The remote control can also be plugged in in the upper area. Well thought out by the manufacturer – nothing gets lost.


Commissioning is also quickly explained. First you should install the free app. All the necessary settings can be made with this. The app is simple and clear. The app can also be used to create precise schedules.
In addition, three POWER levels (maximum, standard and soft) can be set via the app.

Cleaning modes

There are a total of three different cleaning modes.
The first mode is the automatic mode. This is the standard mode. In this mode, the robot cleans the entire room with all available means. In this mode, a map of the room is created with the AI ​​Vision mode and at the same time, the most intelligent route is calculated.

The second mode is the circle mode. Here the robot cleans the room in circles. I only find this to be useful if you want to specifically clean a dirty point in the middle of the room.
The third mode is the corner mode. Here all corners of the room are cleaned in a targeted manner. These are of course also cleaned in automatic mode, but take longer here.

Thanks to the integrated visual slam navigation, the robot independently creates a digital floor plan of all rooms. In this way, it can clean the entire house and automatically detects where it has already been cleaned. The map can then be viewed on the smartphone. Here, too, areas that have already been cleaned can be recognized. These are colored green.


The battery is designed for approx. 100 minutes. This allows me to easily clean the living room, dining room, hallway and kitchen (together approx. 80 square meters). If the battery is empty, the robot vacuum will automatically return to the charging station to charge itself.

When the battery is full, the previous tasks are continued by the vacuum robot. Thanks to the intelligent remote control, the robot hoover can be easily controlled via the app or Amazon Alexa or the universal remote control.

More features

Like almost all dust robots in this price range, the Amarey A900 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a sensor on the underside that protects against falling down stairs/steps. Furthermore, the edge brushes (right / left) are available, which ensure that the corners of a room are properly cleaned.


The Amarey A9000 is a powerful, mid-range dust robot that can be used to thoroughly clean an entire floor. It is quiet and works almost flawlessly. The cleaning is also done quickly due to the easily accessible dust container. Also works really well with Alexa. To recommend. Our expectations were exceeded.

The suction power is perfect, there is nothing to complain about, even on the short-floor carpets. He also drives on low carpets without any problems, even with not too high heels he has no problem. On a carpet with black fields, I noticed that the vacuum robot drives over it without any problems while others drive around it or work on it. 

I really like the low height of the vacuum cleaner and so it is the first robot hoover that I use, which goes under the sofa in the living room and under the bed in the bedroom and comes out again without getting wedged.

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